All is sound and we and our environment are all vibration and therefore sound.  This is according to Indian Vedic tradition recorded over 5000 years ago.  Many different religions and spiritual practises  recognise this.  All is energy and vibration.  Quantum Physics now supports this ancient knowledge of the Universe.

Peter Hess has combined this understanding of ancient Eastern awareness with the vibration/sound of singing bowls and modern research practises.

PETER HESS SOUND MASSAGE  promotes deep relaxation, whilst surrendering to the vibrations of the bowls, stimulating our natural ability to balance, restore and transform.

During the session a space of trust and safety is created allowing awareness, clarity and insights to surface.  The soothing sound of singing bowls supports and nurtures, enveloping us with vibration, transporting us beyond the physical and reconnecting us to sacred realms.

The silence and space experienced between the sound is often when awareness takes place.

Sound can promote health to all systems of the body and has a calming affect on the nervous system.  It may provide relief from pain and tension, assist in reducing high blood pressure and also the healing of bones and tendons.  Problems with digestion, insomnia and headaches may be improved.  Sound is subtle and powerful.

Sound is a non-invasive therapy in which the client generally lies on a massage table fully clothed.  The bowls are placed on various parts of the body whilst the therapist strikes the bowls gently.

The session usually takes about 45 minutes preceded by a short consultation.

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it to vibration.  The sound breaks tension, mobilizes your self-healing forces and sets free creative energies”  Peter Hess

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