THE SENSORA is a light modulation system created by Anadi Martel, a Canadian physicist.

We know that light shone through the eyes affects the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands thus influencing all our body’s systems.

”The function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light”  F.A.Popp, German scientist and naturopath.

The client sits comfortably with eyes open in front of a screen from which colourlight is reflected in particular sequences.

All sessions are accompanied by beautiful appropriate music and sound.

The LIGHT THERAPIST  intuitively chooses a programme most beneficial for the client at this time.

There is a range of programmes to choose from, including relaxation, uplifting and stimulating, meditation, Lateral Light or Colour Balance.  During Colour Balance, client chooses the colours that they would like to experience.

Sensora sessions can last between 20-45 minutes.  It can be incorporated into a SAMASSATI LIGHT THERAPY  treatment or the client may choose to experience it as an entire session or series of sessions.

The SENSORA  is an amazing sensory experience.  Every cell in our body communicates with and responds to light.

Come and experience the joy of pure colour!

A new and wonderful product has been created by Anadi Martel called a SENSOSPHERE – also therapeutic but smaller and easier to use (also at a more affordable price).  Perfect for the home and health centre setting.

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