I have been involved in promoting Complementary Therapies now for over 25 years.

During that time, I have worked with Aromatherapy both in my  own practice and in the area of Aged Care.

I have studied SAMASSATI LIGHT THERAPY with the European Institute of Light.  I am very passionate about this modality and have  found it to be a very powerful form of ENERGY HEALING.

I also now complement this with a Light Modulation system called a SENSORA.

Peter Hess Sound Massage is another passion of mine (see separate page).

These Energy Healing modalities all work together on a subtle level to balance, restore and support for better health.


I am a member of the International Light Association and  the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.   I have attended the I.L.A. conferences in Quebec in 2011 and Vienna in 2016.

I  believe that LIGHT THERAPY  can assist my clients in their healing journey and open them to new possibilities. Light will be the medicine of the future.

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